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The Mommy Club book cover

First published: 1991

Publisher: Doubleday

Length: 371 pages

Available at:

Amazon | Powell’s

The Mommy Club

A dreamy, quirky surrogate mother has to make some hard decisions about her life and about the life she is carrying.

At 38, Trudy Herring is an artist struggling to find her way in San Antonio. But all that changes when she agrees to incubate a child for society doyenne Hillary Goettler. Trudy moves into their mansion in the tony King Williams District and is instantly thrust into a luxurious world she’s never known before.


While Hillary opines that parenthood is simply a “time-management problem,” Trudy is forced to consume noxiously healthy meals in an intimidatingly perfect home. As her body warms to the other life inside, Trudy begins to long for her old flame, Sinclair Coker, “a freelance mystic with a lot of enthusiasm for the carnal.” The quest to satisfy her cravings leads Trudy to discover that it takes a lot more than war stories about childbirth and potty training for a woman to qualify for true membership in “The Mommy Club.”​​

Violet Crown Award: Novel of the Year, Writers’ League of Texas

Novel of the Year, Texas Institute of Letters

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The Mommy Club

“…as close to perfect as novels get and a pure joy to read.”

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