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Alamo House book cover

First published: 1986

Publisher: WW Norton & Company

Length: 317 pages

Available at:

Amazon | Audible

Alamo House

A tale of Austin back when the city was weird without trying and three friends teamed up to take the town by storm.

Return to an Austin where the beer was Shiner long necks, the music cosmic cowboy, Velveeta was still considered cheese, and, for all anyone knew, Elon Musk was a men’s body spray. Meet the residents of Alamo House. They may be at comic odds with each other, but at least they have one thing in common: They all hate the frat rats across the street.


Here blossoms an extraordinary, endearing friendship among Mary Jo, hilariously confused about life and love but determined to get both right; Fayrene, flushed with freedom after her escape from Baptist Waco; and Collie, party girl and self-proclaimed guide to the ways of the world. Together, they make the best Lone Star combo since Dr Pepper, chips, and queso.


“Not since Billy Lee Brammer has a book described Austin life so vividly.”


Austin-American Statesman


“A zany, fast-paced novel. An author as talented as Bird has a right to write about anything she pleases.”


Chicago Tribune


“A comic triumph.”


New York Times Book Review

Sarah Bird's books stacked

Alamo House

“One thing everybody should do is read Alamo House.”

United Press International

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