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Between Heaven and Texas book cover

First published: 2006

Publisher: University of Texas Press

Length: 132 pages

Between Heaven and Texas

Sarah Bird penned the introduction to this tribute to the Texas sky by renowned photographer Wyman Meinzer and featuring poems selected by Naomi Shihab Nye.

In this beautiful book, noted photographer Wyman Meinzer revisits the place that inspires his most creative work: the Texas sky. His photographs capture the vast dramas that occur between heaven and Texas―rainstorms that blot out mountain ranges, lightning strikes that dazzle a night-black prairie, trains of clouds that rumble for miles over wheat fields, sunsets that lave the whole wide sky in crimson, gold, and pink.


Joining Meinzer in this celebration of the Texas sky are two fine writers, Sarah Bird and Naomi Shihab Nye. In her wonderfully personal introduction, Bird describes growing up as a dedicated cloud-watcher who, after several years among the cotton-candy clouds and cool fogs of Japan, was shocked and exhilarated by the limitless hot skies of Texas.

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