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The Five Best Books about Dance Marathons

My number one pick would have to be Carol Martin's "...blah blah blah....

Hola Neil,

I think you're right, given what an incredibly short amount of time visitors have, we probably still have to punch up the Homepage a bit.

I hate to say this, but it might be best to go with a version of my current page. I think that a few short, punchy quotes will help me more than anything. This is the homepage of a super seller whose work I admire: She appears to favor this approach.

Neil, I truly apologize that I didn't have this visualized earlier. I'm afraid I had to see it in real life to figure it out. Looking at the advance praise, those quotes together give a pretty good idea of what the book is about. It might be better to have a Learn More button for the book description.

I hope this doesn't frustrate you since what you've created is so lovely. Obviously, I'm not a great supervisor!

xoxo, sarah

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